Hello there!

Welcome to my website. It's pretty cool!

You're probably here from either itsw.es or wes8.keybase.pub. Both are the same site! Shh, don't tell anyone, but itsw.es is just an NGINX reverse proxy passing your requests to wes8.keybase.pub.

If you're here, you probably know my name is Wesley Chalmers. That's pretty cool of you to visit my website! Maybe get in touch sometime, my inboxes are open.

Here are my "public" social medias that I monitor semi-regularly: (I don't have stuff like my personal phone number on here for obvious reasons)

Keybase: Wes8

Discord: Wes8#8296 (I don't have Nitro so no custom tag :(

Reddit: u/wesleychal

GitHub: Wes8

Email: wes8@itsw.es

GMail: wesleyjchalmers@gmail.com (note the itsw.es email just forwards to this one)

I try to keep my profile consistent across all of my sites. If you see the image below, it's either me or someone pretending to be me:

Here's some more info about me:

News articles:

Robotics (note the "sorry sir" meme on the side of the robot)

Math Team (I have half a sentence in this one :)

MSSM (i'm totally unrelated to the story but they used my picture so I'm including it)

Projects (chronologically through time):

9 Years Old: Car Maze Game

(please don't go looking through all my old projects on there. those are embarrasing lol.)

11 Years Old: Pinewood Derby Car

12 Years Old: "MakerGamer" fantasy console

12 Years Old: Python Chatroom System

13 Years Old: Wii Remote Control Rover

15 Years Old: VEX Robotics 4393S

17 Years Old: This is the future. I do not know yet. Hopefully something cool!

Where I've Been, Where I Am, Where I'm Going

Until 2017: Scarborough! (Middle School in our glorious public school system)

Actually, it wasn't that bad. The gifted program was pretty good. I took a math course at the high school to make things harder for me :)

2017-2019: MSSM! (All Hail the Maine School of Science and Mathematics!)

In the middle of nowhere. Food 3/10, dorms 5/10, teachers 10/10. Left for downstate for a variety of reasons, including limited opportunities (because it's in the middle of nowhere), scheduling limitations (I could never get into the cool classes), questionable leadership (which I won't go into), and mediocre food (potatoes at every meal. lost 10lbs the year I went there)

Still a pretty great school. Good people, good courses.

2019-2020: Scarborough! But also USM!

Decided to create an "MSSM-level" rigor courseload for myself through AP courses and USM courses. Math and CS through USM, everything else AP through Scarborough (except for a few electives of course). So far it's going well.

2020-2021: Mostly USM?

This is the future. It hasn't happened yet. So I don't know what I will do. I will probably take all or almost all courses at USM. Scheduling going back and forth between Scarborough and USM is a hassle, and everything I want to take is offered at USM anyway.

2021-2025: College!!! (for real this time)

if any admissions people are reading this page, please accept me :)

But what is this site for?

idk. maybe I'll put a blog on here?

it'll probably end up being a home for all my projects over the years.

or just a landing page to give people my email, idk.

do u have crypto burning a hole in ur wallet?

give it to me: XLM wes8*keybase.io

(c) wesley chalmers 2019